Better Programming with multi-tenancy

Now when you have multi-tenancy applied in your project, its very important to write clean and modular code for easy understanding and improved readability. Here are some important suggestions to follow that will help you to write better code:

  1. Since most of the methods you write will pass through organization and will often be defined in organization.json, make sure to define functions specific to particular models inside their own model.json and internally call the function with right arguments from organization.json file. Example:

    • Define the main function in product.json file

      Product.addProductsInBulk = function (id, data) {
      .... // function algorithm
      return promise;
    • And expose a remote method in organization.json file, as a wrapper which calls addProductsInBulk:

      Organisation.remoteMethod('addProducts', {
      accepts: [
      {arg: 'id', type: 'string', required: true},
      {arg: 'data', type: 'object', required: true, http: {source: 'body'}}
      http: {path: '/:id/products/add', verb: 'post'},
      returns: {arg:'products', type: 'object', root: true}
      Organisation.addProducts = function (id, data, cb) {
      app.models.Product.addProductsInBulk(id, data)
      .then(function (response) {
      cb(null, response);