Use Containers

Use Containers

Let us go with a devops-first approach:

Our smallest experiments, no matter how trivial, will be closest to production best practices!

Note: Even without the video, you can learn all the crucial details from the steps that are documented below

  1. Login to your cloud-box over ssh.

    • Create it if you haven't done so already.

    • This will be a robust environment for learning.

  2. To start with a clean environment, run:

    mkdir -p ~/workspace && \
    cd ~/workspace && \
    rm -rf loopback-zero-to-hero && \
    mkdir -p ~/workspace/loopback-zero-to-hero && \
    cd ~/workspace/loopback-zero-to-hero
  3. Setup your IDE to work with the remote directory on the cloud-box.

    1. Create New Project named loopback-zero-to-hero

    2. For Deployment Path use /root/workspace/loopback-zero-to-hero

  4. In your IDE, create a Dockerfile with the following content:

    # Use latest version 4.x of NodeJS
    FROM node:4
    # install some useful tools
    RUN apt-get -y update
    RUN apt-get install -y tree
    RUN apt-get install -y vim
    # configure terminal access
    ENV TERM=xterm
    # configure envirnoment to work with tools used for tailing
    ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
    RUN apt-get install -y less
    RUN mkdir -p /apps/loopback-zero-to-hero
    WORKDIR /apps/loopback-zero-to-hero
  5. Create a docker-compose.yml file to install and run a reasonably up to date version of NodeJS:

    version: '2'
    context: ./
    - "3000:3000"
    - ~/workspace/loopback-zero-to-hero:/apps/loopback-zero-to-hero
  6. Start the service: docker-compose up and after it finishes running, you should see something like the following at the very end:

    WARNING: Image for service loopback-zero-to-hero was built because it did not already exist. To rebuild this image you must use `docker-compose build` or `docker-compose up --build`.
    Creating loopbackzerotohero_loopback-zero-to-hero_1
    Attaching to loopbackzerotohero_loopback-zero-to-hero_1
    loopbackzerotohero_loopback-zero-to-hero_1 exited with code 0